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Not throat hit, but lung hit…is there a flavor/brand?

I've read a bit here and am used to the standard replies and ruled many out by experimentation, not by exlusion, so please read all the way through the post before offering the standard solutions you give to any other newb.

Trying to quit analogs and this is a wonderful alternative to me about 90% of the time, but I do have an issue. From time to time, I run into the issue where the analog craving is really intense and the vape doesn't help as much as I think it should (or wish it would). The reason is that, in these times, the vape doesn't feel like it's filling my lungs with smoke as much as I need to satisfy the cravings for that sensation. It's fine in the morning or if I haven't vaped for 4 hours, but otherwise, I have problems.

Up front info that may be a factor:
  • Despite my best intentions, I now vape more than I used to smoke because I can do it in the house, where previously I used to only go outside to smoke every couple hours or so. Hence, I think I'm building a "resistance" to the "lung hit"
  • I used to smoke at least a pack a day of non-filter cigarettes
  • I now vape occasionally in the office at work and again, in the house, thus potentially creating a "tolerance" for the lung hit.
Now, for the "don't waste my time with these standard replies" list

  • I vape 24-26 mg fluid. As a result of my vaping habits now as opposed to those before, I'm getting plenty of nicotine. I can feel it and tell it. Don't tell me to go to 36 mg or 48 mg. Despite your assertions that vaping in general is a safe practice, nicotine is still the main reason analogs cause heart issues and obviously, vaping isn't going to help that part of it. Also, and trust me, I'm getting plenty of nic off the 24 mg stuff.
  • I've found already that the non-tobacco flavors are clearly much clearer on the throat/lung hit than real tobacco flavors. The one flavor that comes close to putting that urge at bay is 24mg DK-TAB, which, from what I hear, is too "harsh" for most, but is just shy of what I'm personally looking for.
  • I've heard of this "Flue Cured" flavor and am willing to give it a try, if someone can tell me where the best version of it is. Please ONLY reply if you've tried more than one version and PLEASE identify any supplier who does business in your own state or a neighboring state. Assume I don't care how cool a guy/gal it is and assume I don't care about customer service so long as I get my product.
I'm just looking for the juice that seems to most to be kind of harsh and makes most people cough, without the rampant homerism that goes on here and without giving myself nic poisoning.

I'm desperate here for something that's going to keep me off of analogs during those tough times and, when I personally run into the tough times, it's because vaping doesn't feel like it fills my lungs the way I crave at that moment. If you're going to reply by saying "try 'nHaler', they're the best", please don't. It's not about the supplier, it's about getting that lung shot. Tried the nHaler strawberry and RY4 and love both for sitting in front of the computer here, but neither of them do what I want it to when my body is screaming for an analog.

In the end, I'm looking for a 24mg flavor/supplier that is going to make me think while I'm inhaling it that I'm going to wake up in the morning next to a lung cookie, but won't really do so since I'm vaping.

So, after reading all of that, are there any objective thoughts out there?

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