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Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!

Listen up!!!
Do not, I repeat DO NOT soak your attys in bacardi 151 and try to use them.

Take my word for it. I was using my old 510 titan, which has been sitting on the wayside for a couple months since I got my screwdriver.
Just for s$^** and giggles, I decide to take it out and try a new flavor I just got on it to see if it was any better on the titan.
Anyway, since it has sat so long and I didn't bother to clean it before I put it away.... I decided to let the addy soak for a few hours in Bacardi 151 and set it aside once again. I loaded it up and decided to give it a try ... and let me tell you.. This thang blew flames all the way from the head unit.. melted the addy tip pretty much against my lips... and burnt the hell out of my upper lip.

Titan gone ... Now I am drinking the 151 and lucky I didnt catch the house afire.

Later, Tom:evil:

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