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Who has tried hv juice and on what unit!!!

Hello all,
I am using a srewdriver after my experiences with three 510 titans, rn1408, and platinum 901. I liked the 901 , which is why I went with the screwdriver.. since my atomizers would be usable.
Anyway, I understand that the HV juice is thicker and I wondered if anyone has used their screwdriver or SBwith the HV juices.

If so, and you don';t mind....
1. what vendors did you get your juice from that was HV and the cost by size of the juice you got??
2. Do flavors still seem to match what you vaped with regular juice from that same company??
3. Do you get VG, PG, or reduced PG bases??
4. Does this really help with your high voltage unit, as far as reducing the probability of drying out the cartridge??
5. Would you personally recommend this juice to a friend??

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