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0-6mg juice= bad taste/lack of flavor/freshness psudo review

I ordered some "non" or 0mg 5ml pineapple and it did not taste fresh and had very little flavor compared to the "low" 5ml pineapple bottles I had before. So I reordered 4 low 5ml pineapples and added note about what happened.

The lack of flavor/freshness is also the same with the non 5ml blueberry.

20ml of 0mg watermelon, it seemed fresh but there wasn't alot of flavor, a hint of watermelon at best. It vaped well but didn't last.

20ml 6mg orange I thought would be better but it taste more like a mix between pixy sticks,cough medicine and that flavored stuff your dentist puts in ur mouth.

20ml 6mg vanilla, I was really disapointed with this flavor, how could you screw up vannilla right? It doesn't smell or taste fresh, it smells/tastes more like vanilla flavored playdough, very sour and tart when vaped makes me cringe.

20ml 0mg Chocolate, same as the vanilla, smells/taste like old playdough basically is what it reminds me of.

I don't know why these 0-6mg juices taste so bad, is it because no one buys 0-6mg juice so these juices just sit there and go bad? Each bottle said they expire in 2011 so I don't know..

Was really disappointed and dissatisfied with the lower nic juice.

I'm willing to give all these bottles away to anyone whos willing to pay for the shipping and to to post here when you've tried them for yourself, I want to know if its my tastebuds or if it really is old juice or the no/low nic somehow effects the flavors? Pineapple low nic was awesome like I said before so I didn't think the flavor would change when I went to no nic.

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