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Anybody feel like they are “Missing a friend”?

I've been vaping for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and smoked a few cigarettes a day for the first few days, partly because I had a craving for one and partly because I didn't actually want to quit smoking. I'm not sure exactly what day it was, but at some point I just simply didn't smoke any more. I love vaping, and I now can't stand the taste or smell of a cigarette, but I still "miss" smoking.

For the last 15 years of my life, cigarettes have always been there for me. Anytime I was angry, sad, happy, tired, whatever, my cigarettes were always right there to see me through. Now I sit here and look at a half empty pack that has been on the table for over a week, and I feel like I should say goodbye, but I can't. I kind of feel like I'm ditching a faithful friend who, even though he had his faults, was always there when I needed him, for someone I just met on a street corner. Surely I'm not alone?

I'm sure at least most of us here love vaping probably as much as we ever loved smoking, but do you ever miss it? I know some people must think I'm weird for considering these tar infested cancer sticks a friend in a sense, but surely others know exactly what I mean.

I just tried one again about an hour ago, just to say hello, but couldn't make it to a second drag. The taste and smell repulsed me too much to continue. I suppose this is a testament to how addictive these things are, and how much they get in your head. I know they are bad for me and would kill me if given the chance, but they are still that guy, who's faults I knew when I befriended him, who was always there, and I just kicked him to the curb.

I just feel like there is a part of me that left with that last smoke, that I will never get back.

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