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Are you an e-cigarette expert?

Hey all!

Do you consider yourself an expert on e-cigarettes and associated issues? Would you like to take part in our new project to compile the best information on vaping and e-cigarettes?

If so, you might like to become a contributer to our new "ask the experts" (ATE) forum. We're currently looking for 4 "experts" who will answer member submitted questions in the ATE forum.

This is the way things will work: "Experts" will be made moderaters of the ATE forum. Questions will be submitted by members as new threads posted to the ATE forum, but these will not appear instantly - instead they will go into the moderation queue so that the experts can choose which questions to answer. In other words, Members can start threads but not post replies in threads. Only "experts" will be able to post replies in the threads

In this way we should be able to compile some really high quality answers to common questions that are easily searchable in the ATE forum.

So, if you fancy taking part in this new project, please click the "report post" button next to this thread and we will review the applications and draw up a shortlist.

Many thanks in advance, and let's get this thing going!


If you have any questions or comments about this new system, please start a thread in the general e-smoking discussion forum.

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