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Please reply!! Thesis brief to fight fda, needs mass reply to be approved!!

This is a college Brief and started as a 2200 page report that I conducted out at local malls as surveys. Since inception, A board of litigators is seeking interest in the outcome of my report to introduce as litigation, should they approve of its validity, for a potential civil/class action litigation process to help fight the FDA ban on e-cigarettes and vaping products.
I would like to thank those of you who have already participated and would like to encourage those that haven't to please to the time ( just a few minutes) to respond. If you have any extra comments outside of the posted questions.. please feel free to breifly comment at the end of your post!!

Just a regular thought for anyone to ponder.
I just wanted to see exactly what frequency of time throughout the day that people that used to smoke heavy... now, vape heavy but,

1. In comparison, For those of you that just vape now and have quit analogs entirely. Do you still use nicotine- If so,
A. When did you start vaping and what other cessation methods have you attempted, and what was their outcome?
B. How long had you been smoking analogs?
C. How long did it take you to quit smoking analogs?
(If you continued after getting your e-cig)
D. Based on your memory.. What MG of nic did you start with and give a brief synopsis of your progression. For example, I started with 36MG and in 1 month , I went to 24 MG. Now, I am working myself down to 18 MG because I have primarily been smoking tobacco flavors to make sure that I am not tempted for an analog. ( at least, I figure that I would be a little more grounded with the tobacco flavors at first.)
I also want to lower my nic, not only to get away from nic but, I tried several candy flavorings that tasted bitter because of the nic. I eventually want to go down to 0 nic and especially am looking forward to several candy flavors pure taste rather than being corrupted by the nic juice.

2. How many of you vape heavier than you used to smoke analogs and give your explaination of why you figure you are a heavier vaper, otherwise?

Thank you for yout Time, VAPERS UNITE!! - Time for a Revolution

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