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To the 172 people who signed the petition in a 4 day period!

(Moderators: Would you please leave this in General at least long enough for the 172 people who cared about it to see it)

To all Petition Signers:

I came home today to find many e-mails. Some from people who repsonded from other forums thanking me for starting it. And some from people on this forum wanting to know what happened to it!!!! I went to check what was going on and while it say's that it has been moved....THE ACCOUNT NO LONGER EXISTS! No record of my username...no record of my asociated e-mail! Furthermore the site which is suppose to be a free site which allows you to petition on any topic that matters to you (Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare.) did not even have the courtesy to send an e-mail or notification of any kind. All 172 of our opinions....all your testimonials....simply erased.

Note however that this one which was already up when I made ours (and still only has 9 signatures) is still available http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/ban...nic-cigarettes

Be it a decision by Care2.com or influence by an outside entity I doubt I will ever know but apparently we have been shooshed! I'm guessing Care2 has decided that a method of helping one in five Americans quit tobacco is not considered to within their claim of promoting health or human rights. I will attempt to get an explanation from Care2 however it will have to be done manually as any automatic help has been disabled due to the fact that it seems I have never been a member! So disgusted at the moment I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

Incidentally the ONLY negative response I received from ANYONE regarding that petition came from a member of this site who I will be big enough not to name. (Don't believe for a second though that like minded individuals are the only ones here)

Reading all your comments was making me very proud that I had started that and I was becoming extremely active in promoting it. Apparently someone heard! I am absolutely sickened! Welcome to America people and I suggest you stock up!

(feel free to click on my signature link and see where it gets you)

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