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Y’all won’t believe this!!!!

Hey everyone,

I was in the movie theater last night with a couple friends, and we all vape. We were sitting in the middle rows of the movie theater and the theater was half full,.. so we were able to put a little distance between us and the rest of the crowd.

The movie 2012 starts and everything is going great... we are watchin and vapin away- like always.. not like this is the first time. And, usually, afterwards, in our previous experiences, quite a few smokers would ask us how we got away with smoking in the movie theaters.. which, of course we would explain away and they would express interest in checking the e-cig thing out.

Alright, so back to it. sorry got away from me a little... Near the middle of the movie, One of the attendants come through the isles- don't really know why he was checking the theater or what he was checking on, but it seems that he was coming directly to us from the get go. I thjink that the projectionist saw us and reported us, as though we were smoking for real. So, he immediately ask us to follow him out of the theater and into the lobby. So, we do!! Then, he told us that we would have to leave... wouldn't accept that we were not smoking what you would think a traditional cigarette is and We even explained the whole thing out. We went on to say that we had sat pretty much to the rear of primarily everyone of the patrons, so the vapor wouldn't obstruct their veiw.... Except for the ones that sat all the way to the back row.
The more we pressed, the more insistant he became.. so, finally .. one of my friends said, " Well, you are kickin us out of the theater without an absolute reason that makes sense, We didn't get a chance to finish the movie we set out to see and as a matter of fact, didn't even see halfway through, we were not causing any commotion or upset any other patrons... and your not being reasonable. Don't you think that we should be entitled to at least a half price refund or possibly, at least a return ticket so that we can watch the movie knowing now that you will not allow us to use our e-cigarettes in the theater, even though your dayshift manager does- because we did ask him and figured that we were granted the permission to vape within the respect of your establishment. We do apologize for doing so, assuning that we were within the bounds of approval from management."

By the end.. He called his manager.... Gave us half priced refunds with a ticket to see the movie again, at another time.. and he informed us with apology that his manager decided to restrict the use of the e-cig to the same measures they carry for tobacco smokers .. no longer in the constructs of the theater itself but outside the doors of the theater would be fine.

This is outrageous... I can't beleive that such prejudice could come from something that doesn't even share a tid bit of harm or dismay like a analog does. We have all decide to write a letter to the manager to apologize for any inconveniences and that we would like to come up with a better solution that is fair for all. I don't think that we should have to share the space with people using analogs.... although a lot of us do, but I personally don't care to be around the carcinogenic smoke anymore, as well.... I love my vaping now and hope that he can see that a better solution is a reasonable request.

Anyway, Even though we did ask.. I guess the point here is to ask every time.. don't just take it on faith, that you asked management at one time and everytime afterwards is ok. I am not mad, overall, I feel that it just boils down to getting the knowledge out there that e-cigs carry with it a better future for everyone(even non-smokers) and we should have rights to. Afterall, we vape and with respect to everyone around us- There is no sense for a manager of an establishment to treat you like a smoker and kick you to the curb.


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