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Aluminum vs Ceramic heating element (atomizer)

I have been vaping for years before I heard of E-Cigarettes. It has always been said that metal heating elements are bad for your health. I've heard that metal heating elements (usually aluminum) cause Alzheimer's. I've been concerned that we're using atomizers that are made of metal (correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like metal).

Are there any E-cigs that use ceramic atomizers, or are there any plans to create ceramic atomizers? I'm sure ceramic atomizers will be more durable as well. I've been using a Vapor Brothers vaporizer for about 5-6 years (maybe more), and it hasn't broke down yet, and still produced great vapor. I've kept it running for many hours at a time as well.

If anything, I'm hoping this thread will be seen by the people that create the PV Mods. Maybe they will experiment with a ceramic heating element for their next model.

Here is a link to more information on ceramic vs aluminum vs glass

Types of Vaporizer Heating Elements : Herbal Vaporizer Shopping & Reviews @ VapeNow.com

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