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KR808D-1 review.

This is my review of the KR, this is my first review so please don't judge if this is rubbish.

I received my parcel about 2 weeks ago from ivapour. I opened it to find my shiny new silver short KR battery, 5 cappuccino and 5 menthol carts. I charged it in my universal charger and screwed it together...

initial impressions: it is really nice and small, and the switch is responsive. vapor was weak at first but quickly developed. the convenience is second to none. it looked durable and vary good looking.

After 2 weeks impressions: The KR, like many devices has its pros and cons, let me just list them out for you.
+Vary small
+extremely convenient
+excellent flavor
+good throat hit

-more expensive than a 3 piece
-not as much vapor as your 901s 510s and 801s

The devise is clearly designed for going out, not as a primary PV, and in that respect it is perfect and completely hassle free. the flavor is better than anything else i have tried and the throat hit is good, i guess this is the trade off for the slight lack of vapor. on the other hand, the vapor is still there, and is still a vary decent amount.

i was also impressed that my 65mm bat lasted me almost 1 and a half hours of pretty heavy vaping. i would recommend the pcc tho.

final note, i wasn't so keen on the menthol, it was good, but i have tried other menthols that were excellent, that said, once i refilled the cart with my TW 36 menthol it was great. the cappuccino was so good, and i mean epically good. however once again it was even better when i refilled it with 24mg VG cappuccino from the same company, it gives much more vapor. i guess my advise is to buy empty carts and fill them with your favorite liquid.

Now for the scores:

Vapor: 7
flavor: 9
throat hit: 8
convenience: 10
Battery life: 6 (10 with pcc)
looks: 8

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