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Who vapes unflavored regularly?

I wanted to start a thread tonight an OTD posted something that got me curious

I know people's tastes are different... and sometimes liquids don't reach expectations on the flavor department... so everyone is looking for that perfect flavor....But is everyone?

I am sure,especially if you cut, that most have tried unflavored at least once
who vapes/vaped unflavored, and likes/liked it?
Is it all you vape now?

Now to avoid histarical one-liners I know the meaning of unflavored,but what does it taste like? best description possible or does the name just speak for itself?

Basicly what is your opinion overall... I mean I am pretty sure that is what the primer is...but will you continue to get primer taste the more you vape flavorless?

Just curious... not sure if it would sway me one way or the other...anyway


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