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I got it today, really nice, not heavy. I got the black one with the smoke on it.
I charged up the batteries, then I had to go back to Drew's website because I couldn't figure out which way the bats went in. I put my nice broken-in, wet 901 atomizer on it. I had the cap on tight with my 2x 3.0 volts, to make 5 volts. I put it to my lips. I was holding my breath, didn't want to just jump in, I wanted to savor the moment. I pressed the button and inhaled. It was really disgusting and burnt, had me coughing. I loosened the plastic cap 2 turns. OMG!!!!!! Such thick nice real warm vapor. I think my 3.7 ecigs will have to go in a drawer. I am vaping MVS Butterscotch which has been my favorite for 6 months. What a pleasure.
But wait, that nasty taste is coming back. I tighten the cap back to all the way again. SWEET!!! Wonderful!!!!. I don't know why I had to loosen it at first, then tighten it afterwards to avoid that too-hot vape. But it's a DREAM now.
The vape is to die for. 5 volt is absolutely perfect. I used to have to chain vape with my 3.7 ecigs. With this Xhaler at 5 volts, I can't chain vape. I can only take a drag every few minutes because it's too much nicotine to vape more often. And my drags are only 3 seconds now, too much vapor otherwise.
Aside from being the perfect vape, the Xhaler is a very simple design, meaning it would be real easy to fix if need be. I appreciate that.
The only thing I would caution is the atty gets hot quicker than on a regular ecig. But it's okay with me since I can't chain vape this thing anyway. It takes me 3 seconds or less on this Xhaler to get more vapor than drawing 5-7 seconds on the regular ones.
Drew, I am extremely happy with this Xhaler. Couldn't be happier. Thankyou!

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