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Rocky Mountain Vapor – 801 Attys

Maybe this should be posted in the Reviews Section for RMV, but I wanted everyone to here this and maybe get some insite on why this is so.

I recently ordered 5 801 atomizers from RMV and a USB Passthrough. I first used the passthrough with one of my existing attys from TW. It was the usual vape from those attys, no real difference from my JS . Later on I attached one of the new attys to the passthrough to test them as they are High Bridge and I have never used one. First thing I noticed was these attys were not primed at all. Some may say this is bad, but I frankly was ecstatic! No Nasty Taste! Second, the vape was rather underwhelming from what I was used to with my TW attys, that is until I used it in the car. On any PC its so-so but I guess I am getting more voltage or something in the car as its UberVapor there. I was frankly not so satisfied, but they would do. Today at work I put the same attomizer from my passthrough in my JS and.... WOW! HUGE MASSIVE UBER VAPOR! And it only takes the slightest draw to get there. I have never been so satisfied since I started vaping. So moral of the story... if you have a JS and need a vapor boost... try an 801 high bridge atty from RMV.

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