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Super-Six from Super T manufacturing review.

I had my first inhale of vapor on September 2008. Back then, there were only e-cigarettes with poor battery's performance and frustration was a very common thing among those who use to vape .
Trog was a very active member at that time, complaining about battery performance until he took it to the next level and designed the first ever mod, the Srewdriver. this was a great mod, I was one of the first to order it end enjoyed it since.

Many things evolved since then. so many suppliers of liquids , mods and other products but I was very happy with what I got because no mod gave me the feeling that "I must have it" until I saw a picture of the Super-T.
The products from Super T manufacturing are not just mods. A device made by David is a real piece of beautiful craftsmanship ,made to last forever and I knew that "I must have it".

Instead of having a Super -T that run at 3.7 volts, I ended up with Davids new innovation, the Super Six , it is thinner than the Super T, and run on single 14500 (AA size) battery or at 6 volts with two 3vols cr2 battery's.
When I got it, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this device. It looks like a sterling silver piece of jewelry and not a vaping device. attention for details is remarkable. and it is so light, amazingly light .
The body feels in the hand as it was made out of paper at 9.49 grams
the switch- 7.84 grams
901 adapter -11.18 grams.
I enjoy every second of using it or even holding it. there is no other 3.7 /6 volts device that I know of that is so beautiful, thin , small and durable as the Super Six.
Very highly recommend !
-Utilizes two 3.0 volt CR2 batteries (aka 15270) for six volt vaping or one protected 14500 (900mah) for 3.7 volt vaping.
-Same length as the T-1 without a sleeve!
-Three machined in 30 degree Vent holes to direct away from your face in case of battery failure
-Just over 17mm thick! In comparison, the BB which takes the same batteries is approx. 22mm in diameter!
-Entire adapter milled from billet stock with machined in threads. They are not a cap with a press in two dollar atomizer thread adapter as so many companies use.
-801 adapter works with all types of 801 atomizers, DSE801, BE112, 201 etc.
-Button will not break if dropped
-Optional Brass Cap and button
-Works with cartomizers on the 901
-Available in 510, 901 or 801 with adjustable draw
-No plastic caps
-Semi recessed and protected button to prevent misfires.
-All mechanical: No wires, no solder
-Adjustable button for both throw and spring rate
-Nearly 1.5 mm thinner then the Super T-1

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