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510 is a chicken-xxxxx!!

I don't get it. 510 was my first PV (I don't count the Blu). Was never able to get it to perform like everybody was claiming. Weak throat hit. Weak vapor. Bought another kit...same thing.

Got an 801 cuz the price was right. Fell in love immediately. Throat hit/vapor production were great with the right juice. Ordered 2 dozen attys from http://www.ecigarettesales.cn.

My MIL saw my PV and wanted to give it a go, so I set her up with my first 510. Still weak (by my standards), but tolerable to her. Then again, I was doing good with it too before I tried the 801.

Just now, I set my little sister up with my second kit. When I was setting it up and trying everything, same weak hits.

WTF is the deal?! Is this just my shìtty luck or what?

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