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Bar-Vapping-Passing it around-NHaler-Chuck-Silver Bullet

Last night I hit the bar around 7 o clock in the evening. I took my Chuck with a 801, and my Silver Bullet with a 510 on it. I also took a hand full of NHaler liquids:pGrape, Melon, Strawberry, HV chocolate macadamia, Blue Berry, Cherry Bomb, and I also had some 48Mg watermelon that a few people loved.

It was 25 cent tequila shots, but my sister was also running the bar so I was drinking all sorts of things:lol:.

After some beer pong, and lord only knows how much drinking. I was teaching people how to drip, and tail pipe a 801 on the Chuck at 6v. Drunk people do have skill after all:p I have to say Drew's HV liquid was the liquid of choice that the women loved.

I also took some of the Drewbacco 2, and found that people new too vapping like fruit flavors just as much over Tob flavors..

My Silver Bullet with the 510 just seemed to have to much kick for people at 6v. So I just was using that one for myself. My Chuck was passed around all night, and it was shown a lot of love:D.

Funny I don't know how I'm up right now......I woke up at 5am kind of sick having a Silver Bullet how it's made soldering nightmare(NO LIE). Then went to bed for a few more hours, and bam I'm ready for some Turkey now.

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