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In need of multiple 510 dual atomizer kits X7


It seems that my work place is turning into a non-smoking facility in December. I have a couple of 401 kits and of course people are asking about the whole e-cig thing. It seems that many 401 suppliers US based are out of stock so I started looking abroad and found some pretty decent deals. Now after discussing the whole e-cig option with co-workers, I have been asked to get some kits for them (7 total.) Some people want to give them as Christmas presents to their significant others.

As stated above searching abroad has opened up horizons such as the many options the 510 has with colors, PCC kits, etc so we have decided to go with the 510 unit.

Reading the forums, there are quite a few options available it seems - I have tried to do my homework. However, there is always someone out there that knows of a better way or something that you dont know. The starter 510 kit we are looking for needs to include:

- 2 x atomizers.
- 2 x Rechargeable 180mAh Manual Switch Lithium batteries
- 1 x 100-240V AC Charger
- 1 x Cable for the charger
- 5 x Standard cartridges
- 1 x Instruction manual (English)
- possible trial liquid sample??

Keep in mind, this is not MY money I am spending, it is the money of friends and co-workers so I do have to do my best in getting them a good deal.

Looked at the following abroad sites so far:

1) anycig.com - they took 3 days to respond to an email so kind of turned me off a bit. Math: 7 X 34.99 = $244.93 + Free Ship - Email response in regards to shipping "All the free shipping order, will ship by air mail, it will take 7 - 20 business days to USA.." Puts it too close to Christmas if later (20 days) rather than earlier (7 days) and dont want to make the purchasers nervous.

2) heavens gifts - AWESOME response time (1 day) in email inquiries, but a little bit higher price than some other abroad sites for 7 kits. NUMBERS: 7 X 36.90 $258.30 + 29 shipping TOTAL $287.30 They have a repuation of getting items to the US fast though. Per the website: 7-10 business days for EMS delivery.

3) e-cigarette-mart.com -36.99 per kit (including shipping) - some threads indicate that this vendor is hit or miss with quality and customer service. NUMBERS: 36.99 X 7 = $258.93

4) trueman-ecig.com - NUMBERS: 33.00 x 7 = $231 + shipping - not sure about the shipping price as their shipping chart is a little confusing. NUMBERS:

5) Health Cabin - 7 kits 34.99 Each NUMBERS: $244.93 + 27 shipping = $271.93

6) www.e-cigarette-china-com - NUMBERS: 7 kits for $26.90 each NUMBERS: 188.30 + 34.50 (shipping) = $222.80 (this seems to be the best deal however I know nothng about this vendor and I only have seen one thread on the entire e-cig forum about them) One guy even said they actually do not sell true 510 kits, doesnt make sense, but did raise a concern.

7) Eastmall.net - seem like nice folks but their pricing is weird and seems to change on a regular basis - currently $33 a kit plus shipping. NUMBERS: $231 + 15 shipping = $246

Any suggestions on other vendors out there? As this is really a 7 person trial into the vapor world, I want them to have a great experience and continue to enjoy it with quality products that work.

I also did not expect or really want to become their middleman in this process, but again, if I recommend something to someone, I want the recommendation to be solid and a good choice.

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.


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