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Suspenseful vaping moments

I'm sure most have had them.

I discharged 1 of my 2 Janty Stick (my only VP), batteries and have been meaning to recharge it, but somehow never got around to it, after all, who thinks about spare batteries when you have the USB charge-n-vape facility. I was gardening today, using an electric leaf blower, so was running the Stick on battery when the red light started flashing. No problem, go inside, connect to the charger, have a good vape and go back to the blow job outside, a short vaping break won't hurt.

I crank up the blower and after about 5 minutes, the sound of an electric motor whining to a halt. Check the plugs and cable, fine, pull the trigger, nothing. Look through the lounge window, wifey is staring at a blank TV and I get this sinking feeling........ power outage! 8-o

Maybe I should worry about the washing machine that stopped with a load of washing inside, the stuff in the fridge and freezer warming up, no TV for wifey........ but no, my head is filled with doomsday thoughts about my dead Janty Stick and the fatal attraction of the pack of analogs packed away in deep storage for the last 16 terrible but triumphant days.

The 5 minute charge got me only a few rationed vapes, dripped for max effect, then death. Put the spare battery in and it had recovered a little, a few more desperately rationed vapes, then death. one hour passes, I call the power company to hear "they're working on a cable, don't know how long it will take". Then another hour, I'm climbing the walls. Just when my resolve is about to collapse in a heap, I hear a far off beep from the microwave........... salvation, power is restored! :w00t:

Both batteries are now fully charged!!

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