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Which e-cig has the least Throat-Hit? HELP!

Ive been a huge fan and proponent of the 510, and 808 models, due largely to their voluminous vapor and fantastic throat-hit! However, i've run into a recurring problem...

whenever i come down with a cold or a sore throat, vaping becomes extremely irritating. It causes me to cough, and i get little satisfaction from it. ( Anyone else notice this? )

So my question is, Which e-cig has the least Throat-Hit? Last time i was sick, i vaped on a P.O.S. 510 passthru, which gave great vapor, but little, if any, throat hit. It died the same day.

even my 901 is too harsh now. does anyone have any suggestion on how i may be able to reduce the throat hit of my PV? Or know a model with crappy TH to begin with?



P.S. please help. I need my nicotine!!

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