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I bought a 510 passthrough from esmokeclub com.

Less than one month later the thing started acting up. Cutting off unexpectedly for many minutes, and not heating attys sufficiently, even after USB charging for as long as 24 hours. I assumed it was maybe a bad switch, but probably a bad battery. If there is a circuit board in this thing, it must be pretty primitive, and therefore unlikely to fail.

I went to Fry’s Electronics and spent about an hour and a half, aggravating three employees and checking out their (very poor) battery cross-reference charts trying to find a replacement for the Chinese battery. Since I didn’t actually have the battery with me and was only carrying a slip of paper with the ID numbers and mah, I could not compare the size to the hundreds of batteries in stock.

I gave up the quest for a battery and decided while I was there, to buy an AC/USB adapter to see if that might work better than the computer USB ports (it didn’t).

I really hate to call vendors on issues like this without being absolutely sure there is no alternative. I don’t know why, but I always feel inadequate when I can’t find a fix for the problem myself, must be the geek in me. But anyway, I decided because of the foreign components, I’d just have to call esmokeclub for a replacement and wait a few more days for delivery.

Wow! What a mistake that was!

I sent off an email explaining my frustration and the fact that I had been struggling with this defective PT for several weeks and had even tried a AC/USB adaptor in case my computer USB ports were at fault.

Are you ready for this?
Direct quote from the return/response email:

“What you are describing of the Passthrough is not typical. Because it is under warranty for 6 months simply mail it back to us and we will test it's performance and send out a replacement.”

So, I spent about $2.00 in gas going to and back from the PO, and $4.95 in postage.

I’m so dumb (probably from lack of adequate vapor), that it was not until I was on the way back home from the Post Office, that it finally dawned on me that I had just been pigeon suckered, royally! The “mail it back” and “performance” test routine, was not actually meant to be done! It was intended to discourage customers (me) from asking for replacement of defective, low-cost, items from esmokeclub. In other words, ‘we tout ourselves as having a 6 month warranty (but you’d probably be better off just buying a new one, unless you want to spend 7 or 8 bucks and wait a few weeks for PO transits, while we receive it, “test it’s performance” and get around to shipping it back to you).’
What an idiot I was!!

The $7.00 I had just spent represented about 90% or more, of the bulk wholesale cost of the product!
Boy, was I dumb!!!

And they said, “test it’s performance”. What? Do they mean to tell me that esmokeclub is going to pay a technician to bench test a returned, defective $8.00 item? (I guesstimate that would be about the bulk wholesale price, since I have seen them retail US for as low as $15.00 w/o discount. Which means this $19.99 PT from esmokeclub was definitely already cost-indemnified)

Or then again, does “test it’s performance” actually mean jerry-rig it and ship it back to the customer? Moreover, is that how I got the original defective PT?

Why would any reputable vendor require all this?

I made the mistake of asking via email. Excerpt from the response: [unfortunately we have been burned in the past by dishonest customers].

Imagine how you would feel reading that. Especially after just having gone at least 3 weeks, pulling your hair out, struggling with this thing, including purchasing a work-around AC/USB. Not to mention, having just spent over $160.00 in various purchases from their site, in this past month. Yeah, I felt like the scum of the earth. Not to mention my already low self esteem after practically no use of my 510 pv to calm my nerves, during all this time.

Trust me, I have kicked myself more than a few times about this.

All I know is I would never a second time, date a woman, who’s life-view of reality was that she had been burned by a lot of dishonest men.

Hell, with Totally Wicked’s 30% off sale coming up, I will buy a new 510 PT retail for ½ again what I spent screwing around and returning a defective item to esmokeclub! Even IF esmokeclub sends out a replacement (remember the PT I returned has to pass the “performance” test), I would not be comfortable with it. In case they just swap in a new Chinese battery in the old PT and ship it back(likely), and then it turns out that the switch, or something else is part of the problem, or in case it poops out again. No, I’d rather have a new one from another vendor. And I know for a fact, that if I purchased one from TW, (or almost any other vendor), and a few weeks later, called and said “Hey, this thing ain’t working no more”. They would look up my profile and my order history, place me in the “good guy” category, and send out a replacement the same day-no questions asked, and probably with a warning to just discard the original as it might represent a fire hazard. And they definitely would not have me waste time, gas and postage dollars sending back a defective $8.00 item, (would probably be offended if I did - causing them to waste their time disposing of it). Most vendors, from the largest to the smallest, are savvy enough to realize that $160.00 per month times 12 months equals more potential business than they would be willing to risk, over an 8 buck indemnified, defective item.

As a vaper, I don’t ask for much. I only ask fair, honest, and decent service in return for my many dollars spent on my hobby.
I understand when I get fair treatment. And I am, over time, beginning to understand who I can, and cannot, get it from.
A not-so newbie anymore guy

via: E-Cigarette Forum