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Refund from SmartSmokerUSA & SmokeAnywhere

This is for those out there who may have been mislead by these companies and believe that your money is gone forever.
I finally got my refunds from both SmartSmokerUSA and the SmokeAnywhere people.
It took over a month with each of them but after emails and phone conversations, they both come thru with full refunds.
I returned what they sent as "Free Trial $9.95" when each of them jumped over $100. on my credit cards before the "trial periods" were up and then sent me emails saying they were putting me on an automatic send me carts every month program.
I do feel lucky to have gotten my refunds without having to do that charge-back procedure with the Credit Card Companies. Having had my own businesses since the 70's, I know that companies can choose to be in their integrity and still make a profit.
The great part about all this is that I am so totally enjoying vaping, found ECF and community and am looking forward to being analog-free. :D

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  1. i have been charged $99 on my debit card for order that was cancelled over 2 mths ago.. the order did come but was refused. I would like my money back..

    Posted by donna braley | January 4, 2010, 11:23 am

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