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Big-Bat Mods, Cartomizers and Such!

I'm trying to do some research... or a preemptive strike, as it were... on big bat mods for the near future. I thoroughly enjoy vaping with 3.7 bats, and I'm sure I'll like vaping with a 5v, USB passthru (which I'm ordering later today)... and at some point, I'm sure I'll be wanting a big-bat mod for unleashing huge clouds o' vapor all over the countryside, SO...

1) Which big bat mods can I use cartomizers with? The Xhaler has a tip for a KR808d-1 listed, so I'm okay there, but what about some of the others, like the Chuck, the Silver Bullet, etc... Or can I use any of them with some sort of attachment?

2) When going from a higher voltage PV, do you find that you have to use lower nic carts because of the increased vapor production?

3) Some time ago, I came across a mod that had blue, flashing LED's around the back end of the unit... however, I can't remember the name of it, or where I found it... anyone know which mod I'm talking about?

-The heretiK has puzzled his Puzzler and can puzzles no mo'!


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