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E Cigars (*sigh*)

I love my RN-4062 in its many incarnations, but I have yet to make an atomiser last longer than about 4 weeks. Not that this is bad, but the things tend to run cold without notice.
Definite pluses: big cartridges, cheap rechargeable batteries, good performance (while it lasts).
Minuses: limited lifespan, possible auto-activation (I always take the lid off when not in use)
Cleaning tip: quick 5 second pulse with paperclip (as in manual), then blow onto the still hot atomiser. Repeat if necessary. Burning the thing for longer resulted in quick atomiser death. I've had no luck with washing the things either.
Verdict: indispensible. If only the hardware could be improved!

e-cigs.co.uk 'Smoking Anywhere' disposable cigar gave good performance and was nicely presented, with a natural tobacco leaf feel. It did however make a slight hooting noise while in use ;). No cheap, but worth it as an emergency backup.
Verdict: OK as an occasional treat, paticularly if you like different flavours.

The Janty TAW Cigar has the biggest battery that I have ever seen in any vaping device, but that did not stop it from running flat after 2-3 days (and they compared it to a 'carton' of cigarettes! More like a single pack, methinks). I had it in reserve for a couple of months before using it, but with cigars that are meant as presents or for special occasions, that should not be an issue! This was also the ugliest specimen I've seen so far, with a plastic appearance and mouthpiece. Still, if it would perform as suggested, it's priced attractively and the flavour and throat hit are good.
Verdict: I'll stick to the stick:rolleyes:

I've heard similar talk about limited performance of the Gammucci cigar , but from the way it looks and is supposed to taste (more like a 'real' cigar), it might be worth a try. 1-2 nights battery life isn't good enough, however!
Verdict: does it really last no longer? Otherwise this one would be worth a try!

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