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I’m wondering … Would cigarettes still taste so bad if

I have been smoke-free for about 4 months now. And every once in a blue moon, I get a hankering for a smoke. I light one up, and it is just gross. So nasty that I throw it out after about 2 puffs. That's all I can take.

But I'm wondering ... Had I not been vaping these 4 months would they still taste so dog-gone nasty ??

I've had ex-smokers bum a cig before and they smoke the whole thing and actually seem to enjoy it. I don't ever remember one of them complaining about the disgusting taste. But there is no way I could smoke a whole cigarette. They're repulsive to me now.

And I'm happy with this because I don't ever want to smoke again. I mean 32 years of 2+ packs/day was enough.

But again I wonder ... Had I not been vaping for these 4 months, would a cigarette still taste so foul ??

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