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My 510 atomizer woes

So a week ago my 510 atomizer was not performing how it did when I first pulled it out of its box (1 1/2 months ago) and decided it was time for a cleaning.. The atomizer's wick was almost black it had become so filthy.

I break out the steam cleaner and go to do my typical cleaning of a 3 second burst followed by a hot water rinse, and repeat this 3-5 times.

Well on my 2nd steam burst some of the wick broke off at the upper part of the bridge! Oh Noes! I thought. I rinse it out and let it sit overnight and inspected the damage.

Sure enough have of the wick was hanging lose inside the atomizer. After a brief thought of just pulling out a new atty I decided to push the loose wick down, fill the bastard up and see what happens.

To my surprise this baby is vaping out plumes of smoke to the likes I have not seen in a very long time with any e-cig. I can only assume it's because the broken part of the which seems to let a larger portion of liquid sit next to the heating element.... In any event this last week has been one heck of a treat. Man I'll sure miss this atomizer when it dies...

Anyone else had a similar experience? If so I might just purposely trie to break 1/2 of the wick on the next 510 atty lol.

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