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My First 6V Mod: The Copper!!

I started off with a 510. Great little device but I was changing batteries every half an hour, and I'm not keen on the hard draw, either. So, I decided to spring for a 6V mod, and ordered The Copper!

First of all, Rick's customer service is fantastic. He answered all my questions promptly and helpfully, and set up international shipping for me. Brilliant. Ten out of ten.

At approx. $80, this is one of the cheapest mods out there. And it definitely gives value for money.

I purchased the Rounded Copper with the RN4081 atomizer. Now bear in mind I am coming off a 3.7V 510, I have never tried any other device or voltage.

First impression: Holy s__t, my juice actually has a TASTE? :lol: Yes that's right, I had been vaping Ecopure Rich for months and thought it tasted good, but I had no idea!! With The Copper I finally found out how nutty, woodsy, and uh, RICH it REALLY tastes! This was a revelation. Ten out of ten for flavor production.

Another thing I love about The Copper: The draw is so easy. You don't have to collapse a lung trying to get some vapor out of the thing. You can just "sip" on it, and still get ample throat hit. This is how I used to smoke analogs, and it works for me. Full marks for ease of draw and throat hit.

Batteries, which I ordered from Rick, have lasted me a whole day and counting. What a liberation! Ten out of ten for battery life.

Now, what I don't like so much is that I am literally dripping every three or four drags in order to keep it happy. Too much liquid and it leaks down the mouthpiece. Too little and there's the nasty burnt taste. I think this is probably a problem across all HV mods: they burn the juice so damn fast. So, not a problem unique to The Copper, but it is a PITA.

I think everyone wonders about The Copper's unique button, which is not a button at all: you push the mouthpiece about .5 cm into the body to turn it on. Some push it with their lips or teeth, but I find that it needs more pressure to make contact. (I was an ultralights smoker and I used to hold my cigarettes in my lips so lightly that they literally fell out of my mouth sometimes :rolleyes:) So I have to hold the body in my middle, ring, and little fingers while "pulling" the mouthpiece in with my thumb and forefinger. Yes, this is as awkward as it sounds. Otherwise I'm operating it with two hands. Not really happy about this issue. But it wouldn't be a problem for those who hold their carts in their teeth, or bite them! Soooo, five out of ten for the button.

One other thing about The Copper is that it is HEAVY. Try 145g versus 15g for the 510 and about 3g for an analog. I'd really like to see a comparative list of weights for the big battery mods; I suspect they're all pretty heavy, but I don't know. Anyway, weight is an issue for me. I saw this coming when I decided to get a big battery mod, but still... I suspect this may be a make-or-break that sends me back to the Chinese batteries in the end :(

Finally, one really petty issue that I didn't see coming with The Copper, although I totally should have, is that it is MADE OF COPPER, and so whenever I've been handling it, my hands smell like pennies until I wash them 8-o I got used to Juice Hands, but can I get used to Copper Hands? Only time will tell :)

So, in conclusion: This is a really useful device. It kicks ass where it counts, on flavor, throat hit, ease of draw, and battery life.

The button may not be quite right for me, but that's a personal preference thing based on your smoking style.

Personally, I think I may end up sticking with 3.7V vaping. I just can't really be doing with bicep-curling 145 grams every time I want to take a drag :) But I would definitely recommend The Copper to anyone looking for a robust, simple-to-operate 6V device. It is excellent value for money.

Hope this review was helpful! Comments and questions welcome.

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One comment for “My First 6V Mod: The Copper!!”

  1. Read your review,very informative.I just ordered one for the reasons you said.I dont care about the extra weight and juice consumsion as long as it kicks ass.Right now i am using a DSE905 and it is good on battery life,but still your tipical 3.7v device,no BALLS at all.

    Posted by eric | December 9, 2009, 11:06 pm

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