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Possible demand for a transportable e-smoking experience, if it’s a good one?

I've been kicking around an idea in my head for a 'transportable' e-cig device. It wouldn't be so much an e-cig, as it would be an e-hookah, and designed for very little maintenence.

My basic idea is to throw 4 18650s in paralell for portable power, or a wall wart for stationary power, into a sort of tower structure, reminiscent of a normal hookah, and have an atomizer that continually feeds off a 30 or so ML pool of juice. Eliminate refills, and battery life headaches, combined with killer vapor. You'd use a tube to get vapor from the device, and it would be constantly vaporizing in a sort of pulse mode. Any excess vapor would recondense back into the pool. Since the evaporation temperature of nicotine is higher than that of PG, if the coils didn't get too hot, nicotine would stay embedded in the vapor stream and recondense normally. I'm not sure if this strategy will work yet, but i'll be getting the parts for it this january and begin experimentation.

But the core idea of this device, would be to make it easily maintanable by the average joe, and have very low running costs. The coil would be large, for a very large vaporization surface. It would be connected by alligator clips, to a long fiberglass wick which would feed from the pool. Wicking would be included with the kit, along with nichrome wire. When atomizer performance drops off, merely pull more wicking through the coils and snip off the crusty part of the wick. Coil acting funny? Merely rewind the coil and connect it back to the alligator clips.

I think a system like this would provide a hassle free, low cost system of vaping. Upkeep might be slightly higher, but atomizer costs would be negligible, and would be maintainable in the face of a ban. However, it significantly changes the nature of the experience from one that's cigarette like, to one that's hookah like, and thus may not be desirable to people who enjoy the cig-in-hand part of the experience. However, it would dramatically reduce wear and tear on atomizers, which could be kept for portable use. In-car use could be handled by the 18650x4 battery pack.

In the opinion of the community, would there be demand for this device that dramatically departed from the e-cig experience, if it could be produced cheaply (Under $80) and be able to vaporize over 1L of juice just using the consumables (wicking, nichrome wire) included with it?

And, instead of a pulse based system, would a manual or auto (pneumatic switch) system be preferable?

P.S. The vaporization chamber would be transparent, for extra cool factor.

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