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Sweet NEW Passthru(Vaprlife VP passthru)

Up until now, the Puresmoker USB Pass was the ONLY passthru I would recommend(don't even start talking about the cheap chinese models). HOWEVER, I ran across a NEW available passthru that gives the USBPass a true run for it's money.
I'm speaking of the Vaprlife VP Passthru(available from dietsmokes.com or vaportalkstore.com). Click here:
YouTube - VP Passthrough Preview - Just for Fun
or here:

This is a true 5V(and however many amps you can feed it) USB passthru. I bought it for the looks(it does look cool)mainly because I haven't purchased anything with an LED in a long time. It comes with optional blue or green LED(which will remind one of a VP1 or VP2).

The construction is Solid(click here):
YouTube - VP Ecig Passthrough Durability Test Over 2657LBS! - Vapor Talk

It works fantastically(I cannot tell the difference between it and the Puresmoker USBPass), looks sweet, made in the USA, comes standard 801 (with one free optional brass 510 or 901/808b adapter), comes with a fairly sweet art deco clear plastic stand(which also holds one 10ml eliquid bottle and an additional brass adapter). Best of all, if you DO NOT yet own a high power USB adapter(1.5 amp or above), the kit comes with a wall plug 5V, 2amp female USB adapter(so you're set from the jump). I gotta give thumbs way up to this. I bought it on a lark and am more then impressed. It's seems odd to me that relatively few people seem to even know this passthru exists?

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