// Vogue M401 PCC review

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A big thanks to Ben from NC Vape for getting one of these in my hands to test. He is interested in carrying M series products and was curious to see what a 401 user thought of this PCC.

With the Smoore M series smart PCC now on the market this may seem like a moot review to some but lets take a look at what I found.

Here's what I got:

Notice the 'round tip' to USB connection on the charger. This proprietary plug may be a drawback for some users as the 'mini slot' to USB cables are more common. The manual has very little info on the PCC itself mostly giving general e-cig info.

Here's a close up of the PCC:

Notice the word 'Press' on the lid. This does not work well so manually lifting the lid is the best way to open it. Also take note of the two lights on the side. They indicate the charge status w/ the usual red for charging and green for fully charged. The PCC has a rubber/plastic shell which makes it easy to grip. It can hold (1) battery charging, (1) battery already charged, and (5) extra slots to hold extra carts/attys. It will not hold an assembled e-cig(this includes an assembled 403 e-cig) or manual batteries.

Here are the specs of the PCC:

E-pack size: 95*57*25(mm)
E-cigarette size:
Weight of E-pack:
Input Parameter of E-pack: DC5V-5.2V
Output Parameter of E-pack:
4.2V 150mA
Content of E-pack battery:
900 mAh
Life of E-pack charger battery: 300 times and the E-pack's battery Charge time: 4.5 hours.

Now for my personal stats:

Initial PCC charge: 22 mins for full charge.
PCC charged drained/full: 278 mins for full charge (little over 4.5 hours)

401 battery charge: 107-110 mins for full charge (little under 2 hrs).

403 battery charge: 50 mins for full charge. This unit is not meant for a 403 battery but I tried it anyway. It did charge but it's tricky to get back out so I don't recommend it. The 402 battery is 10mm longer so it would be much easier to get out.

Total battery charges to drain PCC:
333 mins (about 5.5 hours). This total includes one full 403 charge, two full 401 charges, and one 401 charge at 66 mins.
I watched all charging times closely. When charging a battery in the PCC the light slowy flashes red/green when charged then more steadily. The lights will completely go out when the PCC is fully drained. All batteries were fully drained before charging in the PCC.

Final thoughts:

Pros: Sturdy/rubberized feel of PCC, analog-like case dimensions, ample room for carts/attys.

Proprietary USB charger, case latch, 900mAh PCC battery. The charger may not concern some, the case latch works well but not by pressing it as indicated and I would like to see a higher mAh rating; at least 1200mAh. It would also be nice to have an easy way to clean the inside of the PCC in case of a spill, etc.

Even with the cons I feel this is a viable unit. With some minor tweaking by Vogue it could be even better. They'll have to step up the specs to compete w/ the Smoore PCC(I did see a picture of a smart PCC on the Vogue site so maybe they'll release it?). I'll anxiously await the Smoore smart PCC reviews and will surely get one myself. With that being said, I'm sure I'll still have this PCC in rotation.

The M series is already one of the most versatile units and gets more so as time goes on. With cartomizers on the way this will be the all in one unit to have!

via: E-Cigarette Forum