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24mg doesn’t seem like much at all. Am I alone on this?

I wasn't a very big smoker beforehand so I didn't think I'd need much but I figured I'd start high and work my way down to something that could satisfy my cravings in a few hits, and could give me a little head buzz if I keep puffing (if I need it.) Anyway I've gone through about 6mL of 24mg and I have yet to even "feel" the nicotine. Although I haven't wanted an analog for about a week, which is good, sometimes I really need the nicotine to calm me down. Last night I got into an argument with a friend and afterward I found myself vapeing my 510 as hard as I could until the cutoff kicked in and I still didn't feel satisfied so I broke down and found an analog in my car and although it was disgusting (first one in a week, tasted awful) I got a nice head buzz not even halfway through it.

A lot of places only sell up to 24mg so either I'm vapeing wrong or the doseages don't quite convert from normal cigs. In the meantime though who sells some good higher doseage juices?

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