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Easy to use e-cig needed

Hello agian everybody!

Since I got my Joye 510's -- and haven't smoked a regular cig in weeks because of it -- some friends of mine have become interested in them.

The problem is they see me constantly fiddling with the thing. I for one do not mind the goofing around with it -- dripping into the atty or cart, cleaning it, etc -- but that is my nature, I like messing with technology, especially new technology.

The friends I have that are interested are also NOT interested in goofing with technology. They basically want something that works and is similar to a real cigarette.

After some research, I found a model with a 'cartimizer' that is supposed to be disposable, and also is only a two piece unit... a battery and a nicotine / atomizer cartridge.

Are any of these units close to really smoking? Are they a joke? I have no idea and since I like my 510 I am not about to go ahead and spend money on testing one.... I would appreciate sugestions on what to try and websites to order them from.

Thanks in advance for any opinions and suggestions!

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