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I can’t go back!?!?!?!?

I recently stepped into the world of 5V and 6V vaping and now I can't go back to 3.7V. The warmer vapor. The killer throat hit. The huge white clouds. I love the higher voltage, but in a way it saddens me. All my old friends, my 3.7V batteries, just sit in a drawer. All my V4L batteries and my 901 and 510 batteries are just fond memories of a simpler time. Cartomizers at 5V are amazing! The 801 atty's that I despised at 3.7V are now my favorite atty's at 6V. If you decide to take a walk into the 5V world, I highly recommend the GLV from Greatlakesvapor.com. For 6V bliss, I can't say enough about the AdapteveR with the 6V sleeve from AdapteveR.com. Higher voltage also introduced me to dripping. Something I never tried before. I'll miss my little 3.7V friends, but I'll always be thankful to them for getting me off analogs. Vape on brothers and sisters! Vape on! :cool:

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