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Ncig, RN-4072, DSE-801, M-201,

Ok so I got myself a Ncig from Njoy a few months ago and was enjoying it for a while now when all of a sudden Bamm the attys died about 3 weeks ago. I called Njoy an they were 100% nice people to deal with, They sent me an atty but said it would take about 2 weeks to arrive. So I ran out and got an atty from a local shop it was an DSE-801 atty. It did not work very well at all compared to the atty that came with the Ncig. So I did some shopping around and found out that the Ncig was really a RN-4072. Well I could not find an RN-4072 atty any place so I figured ehh whatever I have other e-cig's so I'll just wait for the replacement atty from njoy. Well the atty from njoy showed up last week and it's a M-201 atty they sent me. And all I can say to the m-201 Is OMFG !

Here's the break down of the attys

RN-4072, 4 hole, same size as the 801. Low bridge twice as fat as the 801, Vapor score 7

DSE-801 , 0 hole, same size as the 4072.High bridge very thin.
Vapor score 5

M-201, 2 hole, smaller then the 801 and 4072 and the carts from the 4072 had to be cut down because they would not fit properly and I could not get any vapor from them before cutting them down. Low super fat bridge.
Vapor score 9

The M-201 got it's score even while using a 4072 battery, And I hear the 201 battery is better then the 4072..........

So now I need to ask where can I find M-201's in stock? I want a back up!
I see them for sale at litecig but out of stock8-o

Also why do people swear by there 801's while the m-201 is never heard of talked about or seen?

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