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Rants and Raves about ECF user vapnaway

I just got to my girlfriends place after meeting up with vapnaway for a little trade.
I got a Black Silver Bullet from Altsmoke yesterday (Saturday) and a little mishap occured... they forgot my adapters (they're already taking care of it, they're a great company) and I didn't have ANY 510 parts on hand to speak of.

I remembered talking to vapnaway a while back because we realized we both lived in the same area, knowing that he has quite a collection of stuff I thought maybe I'd shoot him a message and beg him to hook me up with a few 510 atties.

We met up this morning and he gave me a few brand-spankin-new 510 atties and some dead ones for the purposes of making adapters and I can't thank him enough.
He was going to just GIVE them to me out of the kindness of his heart but we worked out a little trade for a few juices, and I really hope he's happy with what I brought him.
It's crappy having a brand new device that you can't use, and Keith really made my day.

This just needed to be said, it's awesome to have a community like this with people who are so helpful and friendly... Thanks again vapn, you're awesome man.

Thanksgiving may of just passed but it's never too late to find something to be thankful for!

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