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The DSE905 and HealthCabin, my thoughts and experience

I recently purchased 2 of the DSE905’s from HealthCabin, The shipping took only 8 days. My previous order from them took only 5 days. Any shipment from overseas can get held up in customs, so be prepared for your order to possibly take longer than 5 to 8 days. Also, Amy will do everything in her power to see that you get your order as soon as possible. I am constantly amazed at her quick responses and efforts towards customer satisfaction. The customer service is A+.

I paid $65 each for my DSE905’s at HealthCabin.net. (They have a $60 version now that doesn’t include the pretty, black packaging.) It comes with one atomizer, a battery unit with two batteries, a charger, 5 pre-filled carts, and instructions. The battery unit takes only one battery at a time.

If you’ve never purchased an electronic cigarette before, I would like to warn you about the instruction manuals. They are difficult to understand, and they don’t really provide any in depth information. It will cover the basics, nothing more.

The first 905 I opened had a problem. The LED is a round, plastic piece that circles the area where the battery and atomizer screw together. There was a bit of “wiggle” in this location., and sometimes the atomizer wouldn’t activate when pressing the button. After using it for a while, I went to unscrew the atomizer and the round LED part broke away from the metal. At first, I thought this might be an overall design flaw in the 905. Now, I’m not so sure….

I opened my second 905 and began using it. It seems more solid than the first one (no wiggle.) It also produces more vapor than the first one. In fact, the vapor is quite good and the throat hit is fair, as well (about the same as my 901 with a passthrough).

The most impressive thing about the 905 is the battery life. I’ve never owned a battery mod before. Now I know what all the hype was about! I vaped off and on all day, and the battery just kept going, and going, and going!

I’m also impressed by the looks of it. I saw a post from someone in another part of the forum stating that the finish was “crappy.” Well, I have to disagree. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with the finish. I got the silver, with a red LED. It has a beautiful, shiny polish. It also comes in black with a blue LED.

The atomizer on the 905 is a bit different from the 901. It has a very soft draw to it. I like this! I’ve heard others say that they prefer a draw with a bit of resistance, but I personally prefer the lighter draw. I should add here that you can put a 901 atty on the 905 and get a tighter draw (I tried it and it works.) You don’t need an adapter to do this.

I have to agree with another poster about one thing the “on/off” button on the bottom of the battery is rather pointless. It would have been better if they made it much harder to push, or made it with a sliding action rather than push button. Anyway, it’s not a big problem. Even if it accidentally gets pressed “on,” it won’t activate the atomizer unless you push the other button.

The shell of the 905 has some weight to it. It feels and looks like solid metal to me. I saw a post somewhere that said it looked like painted plastic, so I just want to clear this up. The battery section is just a hair over 3 inches long and it’s diameter is equal to that of a nickel. I can close my hand around it and completely cover the battery section.

Yes, I had a rather bad problem with the first 905 I used, but my experience with the second one has been very good, and I do not regret the purchase. In fact, I feel I got plenty of bang for my buck. I am hoping that the problem I had with my first one is just a fluke one bad apple out of many good apples. The 905 is new, so no one really knows how it will hold up in the long run, but I have high hopes. :)

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