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510 vs EM40X

Today I'll be doing a head-to-head review of the generic Joytech 510 and the Eastmall Branded EM40X aka re-branded Smoore m401. I'll first go through initial thoughts, and then do a pros and cons list of both, and then a final summary at the end. I'll be using my own mix of 50/50 liquid.

I was given both by Eastmall to review, but my opinion will in no way will be effected by this.

Initial comparison: Aesthetic-wise, both are pretty clean looking. They're both the same size in length with the 510 being a tad thicker in diameter. Both produce a good amount of vapor on the get go, with the 401 producing a bit more than the 510. I'll have to break both in to really be able to compare them. As for flavor, the 510 is terrible. Taste is lost for the most part, replaced with an awful burned flavor. The carts for the 401 aren't too terrible, while the 510 carts are completely useless to me. Since I primarily drip, I could care less. The biggest gripe right off the bat for me is that the liquid CONSTANTLY gets thrown back into my mouth with the 510. They're too easy to flood. This is not the case with the 401. It's not looking good for the 510 so far.

510 Pros and Cons:
Pros - Good vapor production, sleek design, easy draw, sealed manual battery.
Cons - Horrible taste, liquid still getting in the mouth, VERY short battery life (30 minutes or so), stupid five second cut-off time, useless carts.

401 Pros and Cons:
Pros - Great and consistent vapor production, small, decent battery life for the size (about an hour and a half), good draw, good carts for the size, NO liquid in the mouth, great flavor.
Cons - short battery life due to size, seven second cut-off.

The winner is very clearly: the 401. The 510, while being the standard and most popular among users here, is simply not that good compared to the 401. The 401 is consistent, easy to use, and amazingly resilient for such a small pv. Highly recommended for first time users and vets.

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