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Eastman EM4 versus 510, Initial Thoughts

Hello There,

I was one of the people asked to do a review of the EM4 compared to the 510 Here are my initial thoughts. I'm going to actually use both in the "real world" for a week and plan to release a full video review next Monday. I'd give you some speech about how I'm not going to be biased in the comparison, but they both came from the same company (Eastmall). So I'm actually comparing two products from the same vendor. Not really sure how I could bias it one way or another.

I was amazed at what was the same about them:

*similar vapor production (very slight nod to the 510)
*nearly identical throat hit
*similar flavor (very slight nod to the em4)
*Identical cost for starter PCC kit (bout 30 bucks)
*Both have sealed batteries
*Both are manual

How they differ:

*EM4 cart is a little harder to fill and holds a little less.
*EM4 is not drip friendly HOWEVER it's "dip" friendly. I've already got an old contact lens case and I'm dipping the exposed atomizer wick into some Black Raspberry Creme. I can say I'm getting almost double the puffs from my "dip" over the three drop drip on the 510
*EM4 is a lot smaller than the 510. It's thinner and slightly shorter. Where as a 510 is slightly bigger than a real cigarette, the EM4 is the exact same width.
*EM4 batteries take longer to charge (hour and change for the 510, up to three for the EM4)
*EM4 seems to last about 4 hours with moderate use.
*510 lasts about 2 hours for me
*Draw on the EM4 is tighter, but it's really great. I think that's how they are getting so much vapor production on such a tiny device.
*By that same token, you get similar vapor production on the 510 with less effort.
*You get about the same number of puffs from both before you have to refill. I'm attributing this to the em4 being slightly more efficient with juice usage.

So for all intents and purposes, the devices so far are coming out about equal. To me, it comes down to form factor. The EM4 is a little more "dainty". Not particularly feminine per say, but it would look less out of place in small hands with slender fingers than a 510. By that same token it's not so incredibly small that it would look like a virginia slim in a man's hand. The decision for me would come down to the PCC. The EM4 comes with a slick clamshell deal that looks like a traditional cigarette case. The 510 PCC kit comes with the more traditional "cigerette pack" look. I actually prefer the clamshell. I like things flat in my pocket.

But once again, starter kits for these in PCC from eastmall are the exact same price, and they aren't very expensive. In the very common husband/wife trying to quit situation, I'd say order one of each. And I wouldn't be surprised if the husbands prefers the em4, and the wife prefers the 510. No reason. I'm just saying they are close enough in performance and usage that it could go either way.

Now, keep in mind these are INITIAL thoughts. I'm going to do a week with both and report back with a video. Lots of things can happen in a week. One might seriously pull ahead.

let me know if you have any questions.

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