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Vapor causing dryness of nasal passage?

Is it just me or is the e-juice vapor drying out your nostrils? I was playing poker in a card room the other day and my nose started bleeding out of nowhere. I suspect it is because of my e-cig use. My boogers have an abnormal discoloration to it and have been gunking up. When I exhale I can't help but to exhale parts of the vapor out of my nose. Has anyone else had problems such as mine? It's starting to become an annoyance.

I started using e-cigs to replace analogs and not to quit, however after going through a lot of headaches and problems I think I will just quit once my supply is gone. No nicotine what so ever. I know many of you have successfully quit through the use of e-cigs and I'm just curious on how you're doing right now. I tend to get very irritated when I don't smoke/vap and lose my temper more often. My head is also clouded when I do not have any nicotine in my system. Any suggestions from the above 2 topics would be nice. Thanks in advance.

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