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Cheap,functional tabletop juice holder for small bottles

I was getting annoyed at the vast array of little juice bottles laying all over the table around my puter. So I got one of those long white plastic 7 day pill containers, cut off the covers for the days of the week, and now all of the 10ml and smaller size bottles are sitting nicely in a row. One compartment can also hold 2 of the DIYFlavorshack 3ml bottles. The sides are tall enough that the bottles dont fall out.

The larger bottles dont fit, but I end up using the small bottles in rotation every day more than the large bottles. I got the pill holder free at the pharmacy. I think if you have to buy them they are a dollar unless you get the fancy multi-week colorful ones.

Just wanted to pass this along in case anyone else was knocking over juice bottles reaching for something else while they were vaping at the puter or watching TV. Its also alot easier to move them to dust or to take them to another room. Too bad theres not a lid to make a cover. Or any words that can be spelled with these plastic squares with SMTWTFS that I have left over lol.

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