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Battery not working

I have a total of three 510 batteries. Two of them came with the origial kit. My wife has one (that barely gets used) from the kit and she only vapes once in awhile. I have the other two. I vape mostly at home so I swap out batteries in between charges.

The one that stopped working just now (I'm guessing) is the one from the original kit. The other battery is newer and can hold a charge longer. The battery that stopped working was reading as a full charge on the charger, and I took it out of the charger to use it when my other battery died.

The LED lit up...but no vapor. At first I thought maybe my atty died, so I asked my wife to borrow her battery and the atty worked. So I cleaned the threads of the battery and atty to make sure it gets a connection...but nothing. The atty doesn't get warm and no vapor. Now I just have a blue LED mini flashlight. The LED is bright when the button is pushed but it's not connecting to the atty.

I know batteries are disposable, but I thought that when they stopped holding a charge altogether was when they were no good. This one is still lighting the LED. Now I'm down to one battery...and I'm waiting for it to be charged. My wife won't give her battery up, and I respect that. I need nicotine now!

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