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Diary of a Noob Part 2

Hello all! I'm Baaaack!
Some of you may have seen my original thread in the new member's forum
http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for...1st-e-cig.html (a diary of my 1st 5 days) which was locked after I achieved full member status. Well, I want'd to post this update because......drumroll please..... I am now analog free!!!!!!! I smoked my last analog on Fri. Nov. 27th at 11:35 pm.
I had been gradually, (and rather naturally) reducing my analog usage and had gotten down to 2-4 per day (after spending over 20 years smoking up to 1 & 1/2 packs a day). It wasn't completely effort free but it did happen fairly painlessly. On that last Fri. I didn't really feel like I NEEDED an analog, but I smoked one before work because it just made me nervous NOT to smoke before work. (I used to chain smoke about 5 before work in the past). When I got home I still didn't NEED one-my Joye 510 was fullfilling my nicotine cravings adequately but I had ONE analog left in an open pack. I just couldn't seem to stop thinking about the d@#n thing so,I decided to just smoke it already and be done with it. Well, it tasted pretty foul, very "chemical" tasting, reminiscent of an electrical fire. That was a real shock to me. I've always really enjoyed the taste of an analog, never thought ANYTHING would, or could, make them unpleasant to me. Yet this one DID taste bad and, for the first time in YEARS, I chose not to finish an analog!!!I smoked about 3/4 and then put it out. I haven't had one since.
I do still have analogs available. I have 3 full, unopened packs. I don't feel quite ready to toss them so they are currently locked in my gun safe (you know, deadly weapons LOL!)
The important thing is that I have not had even ONE anxiety attack, I have not cried, I am functioning like a normal person and my stress level has not been increased by the process of quitting. This is amazing to me. I didn't think it was POSSIBLE to quit without complete agony/misery/anxiety/stress. But you know what? I'm totally O.K. with not having a cigarette. It's NOT what I want anymore. I would much rather vape some tasty 555 juice or some Cuban Cigar juice and skip the added tar and carcinogens. Yes, I sometimes get frustrated because my 510 insn't an analog-it's a lot less consistent. Sometimes it's a GREAT throat hit, great vapor and sometimes it's-OMG WTF?!!! (NOTE: Top off cartridges frequently, try the PTB mod and, when you REALLY need a good hit, grab a REALLY fresh battery!!!!)
Finding the right "flavors" was key for me. I needed a good harsh tasting liquid and "strong cuban tobbacco" finally did it for me. But, much to my surprise, having some other flavors like 555 and a combo of menthol/smokey mint/tobacco were also really important. Why? Because you will, likely, vape more often than you smoked. Since you will NEVER find something that's exactly like an analog you will often use your P.V. as a type of "pacifier". So try a variety of flavors! you never know what will work for you.
I am soooo pleased to be able to now call myself a non-smoker (but probably a vapor for life- or at least till the FDA makes it illegal). I encourage other noobies to document their experience and share their insights! Let's swell the ranks and create and unstoppable force!

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