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DSE 901 short review.

Well I have had a BluCig, a dragon M401, a Joy306, multiple 510 and finally decided to try the DSE901.

Let me say I have used more than 10 510 atties and still have like 10 batteries. I really like the 510 but was getting like 30% good atty while the other 70% just sucked. Regardless it still my main pv device.

The first time I used the 901 I thought it sucked. The kit I bought came with the automatic batteries and you had to suck very hard to activate it. So hard that I was getting more juice than vapor. Yikes...I learned I could control this by covering the exhaust hole in the atty. It was a pain to use.

*Smoke production is excellent in-par with the 510.
*Taste is amazing. A lot better than the 510. The 510 is horrible in this department in my opinion. I did have a few atty with good taste. But most just sucked.
*Juice Wicking it's about the same as the 510.

I have then ordered a manual 901 battery and the pv it's a lot better now. In fact, I think I will be buying more 901 parts than 510 if I can solve the leakage issue.

One caveat I just can't fix or figure out it's finding how to refill the cart. You can't use the same technique as the 510. I still have leaky cartridge and get juice in my mouth most of the time. I have tried the PTB mod, the walgreen face scrub mod and also tried the straw filler mod. All with the same result, is there a better way to do this?

In conclusion, the 901 is an excellent PV. The atty is much better IMHO than the 510.

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