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I'll tell you what frustrates me the MOST about this entire e-Smoking discussion, my health. We are talking about MY HEATH here...not yours. You are telling me I can buy something that has been PROVEN to kill people but I cannot buy an alternative that has been proven to NOT have ALL of those chemicals that ARE killing people. Granted, we may not know the long term impact of vaping, but I can go anywhere, buy cigarettes and smoke them virtually anywhere outside or in my house. So, why can't I be given the same opportunity with an alternative. Patches and gum are NOT the same alternative.

I'm not going to say it is safe...but common sense tells me it has to be safER than regular cigarettes....right? I also understand the reasons the FDA wants full blown impact studies done on e-smoking. But why are you going to insist I continue to kill myself in the meantime? Why can't it be buyer-beware until the studies are completed? This is ridiculous. I don't want to have to start hoarding supplies as if I am building a bomb shelter waiting for a nuclear attack. This is just plain ludicrous. I am all for Government oversight and I agree we have to have SOME governance but banning the products and refusing me the opportunity to live a healthier life? Even if there are no studies telling me it is SAFIER, I can tell you what I DO know....since I started vaping....

1. I can taste foods I was not able to taste
2. I haven't had to clean my house as often
3. My girlfriend enjoys kissing me more (Not sure what that REALLY says BUT...lol)
4. My clothes don't need the dry cleaners as often and in turn saves me money.
5. I can go up and down steps without huffing and puffing.
6. Family and friends ENJOY riding in my car now because they can BREATH and SEE out my windows.
7. When I drop my e-cig while driving, I don't scramble to find it before it catches car on fire and I drive off the road.

I can go on and on but the MOST important thing I CAN say about ME since switching to vaping...

As an asthmatic who constantly has sore throats, gets bronchitis several times a year and always has clogged sinuses, for the past two months I have not had ONE sore throat, not ONE bout with bronchitis, my constant nasal drip seems to have stopped, and I have not burned my clothes, car seats or fingers. It seems to me, those things ALONE make the e-cigs safer than real cigarettes. Forget all the testing of the products and materials WITHIN the e-cig that I cannot see, skip the tangibles and ask me about my OVERALL health and the safety of those around me since switching to vaping. PLEASE, ask me Mr. FDA.

Don't kill me or turn me back into an involuntary murderer...we're really not into genecide...

via: E-Cigarette Forum