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Is e-cigarette-mart.com making a fool of me?

I'm getting a little mad with e-cigarette-mart. I'll explain my situation:
Last week I made an order in anycig.com. It went ok, they told me it was shipped. I asked a question about the tracking numbers and their replay was roughly "We cancelled your shipping and refunded you, we don't answer anymore questions from you, hope you understand". I didn't understand and sent them an email asking for some clarification. No reply as of now, but got the refund though.

Saturday I made an order with e-cigarette-mart.com. As it was saturday, and the order I made has a special request, I didn't mind not getting a reply in the weekend but, I wanted to alter the request, so I sent them an email stating that and asking them to reply as it was understood. As of today, no answer to neither of may emails, not even the one I sent asking for some kind of contact.

Through my bank account's transaction details, I was able to see that anycig.com and e-cigarette-mart.com share the same ID, "PAYPAL OFFERCHINA 353", and thought "that's strange"...Anyway, could someone give me some peace of mind and tell me this isn't serious or should I be pissed off right now?8-o


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