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L88b (Blu, Volcano, Eko) vs. RN4081

OK, so one month in to vaping, and I have experienced two kinds of e-cigarette. My first was an unbranded L88b from EkoCigs.com (a generic BluCig with a red LED). At first, I liked it. It's about the size of a regular, king-sized cigarette. It came with a convenient personal charging case that enabled me to rotate batteries on the go, keeping one charged all the time. It seemed to produce a solid throat hit and a lot of vapor. I was pleased.

Then, I got an RN4081 (from Aquavaporcigs.com) and my opinion of the L88b has changed considerably.

The RN4081 beats down the L88b in every respect. Battery life is much longer (big plus), vapor production is better, and throat hit is much more consistent. I even find that I can taste my flavored liquids better with the RN4018. The L88b tended to give off more of a "burnt plastic" taste than anything else.

The big plus to the RN4081, as I mentioned above, is the battery life. I have found that the L88b batteries tend to die after only about an hour or so; maybe two. But I've been vaping my RN4081 in pacifier mode for about three hours so far, and my battery is still going strong.

And, I just got a PCC for it, so I can now charge the RN4081 on the go, too.

I know people like the 510 a lot, and the RN4081 has gotten trashed quite a bit on this forum. But compared to the L88b, it's a superior e-cig, and it's now taken over as my primary vape.

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One comment for “L88b (Blu, Volcano, Eko) vs. RN4081”

  1. My first ecig was thie rn4081 then I got an ecigar and now I’ve moved on to the 510 and am in love it’s great icant sat
    Enough good things about it it’s got great throat hit all the flavors right there and the vapor amount is assume ! Needless to say ilove my 510 !

    Posted by Dan lisi | June 14, 2010, 12:39 am

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