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Thoughts on a Petition?

I am considering creating a petition online for e-Smokers to sign. Reading a post earlier today that Michael Eriksen recommends banning e-Smoking because he has not seen ANYONE benefit from vaping got me to wondering why he has not seen anyone. :confused: Maybe no one has provided him a list? So, I was wondering how beneficial it would be to create a petition online for everyone to sign and try to use as a gauge for just how many people have migrated from the traditional tobacco based products to e-Smoking. I'd like to see if I am wasting my time and no one will sign it or if I should proceed. Below is the petition as I would word it...if anyone has ANY suggestions, edits, ideas, concerns, please speak up....

This Petition is being created to provide each and every e-Smoking supplier, distributor and manufacturer as well all e-Smoking supporting law firms one central repository listing all people regardless of sex, race, age, location or political affiliation who have made the transition from tobacco based smoking products to Electronic Smoking products.

Whether you smoked cigarettes, cigars, a pipe or homegrown tobacco products, if you have made the decision to transition from those products to e-Smoking, we want to hear from you.

When completing the petition, we would like the following information to provide an accurate representation of e-Smoking's impact on traditional tobacco based smokers:
- Name and email Address are automatically collected with email visibility being your option.
- Date you began e-Smoking
- If you stopped smoking the tobacco based product completely - Date you stopped smoking
- If you stopped smoking completely - on a scale of 1 to 10, tell us how much of a role e-Smoking played in your ability to quit (10 being "without e-Smoking, I could NOT have done it")
- Date of Birth & Location (City, State and Country)

Due to moral and legal responsibilities, you must be 18 years of age or older to complete the petition.

Thank you for participating in our petition.

Please tell me if you think this is a good idea, bad idea, will create problems for vaping opposed to help, etc. I don't want to cause problems...:cool:


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