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We are all Cheaters!

Posted By ESM Daemon On December 2, 2009 @ 9:13 am In Asides, Opinion | No Comments

I posted this in another thread and it got me thinking about why it is so difficult to get the support and acceptance that we are all looking for.

"The comments in here are very interesting. Particularly the discriptions of ex-smokers who are saying how difficult it was to stop 'smoking'. They are saying they stopped everything - all of the actions of smoking and anything less than that deminishes their accomplishment. So it sounds like when we vap to obtain all the benefits of not smoking without the need to fight the actions of 'non-smoking' it is cheating somehow to the ex-smokers and probably to the non-smokers as well.

And nobody likes a cheater."

This idea that smoking is bad means, to those that don't smoke, that there must be sacrifice and difficulty in giving it up. Anything that makes it easy is just cheating and will not be tolerated by those that did go through the tortures of withdrawal and those that want to see others suffer.

The further we can get away from the label of smoking the better for this reason. And why the mod's that do not look like cigarettes will be so much better. I also think that the more we can equate vap'n nicotine with caffeine in coffee the better as well.

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