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Caps as opposed to liquid??

Hey guys, forgive the terminology here, as I'm relatively new and it's been a while since I posted.

A while back, I got my Mom one of the Atoms seen here:

The Liberation ATOM eCigarette

The concept is great, but my Mom doesn't really like dripping liquid into it, for a number of reasons.

She was much more comfortable with the disposable little cap ends that come pre-filled with liquid- it's more convenient for her, she knows when she's "out" more easily, etc.

Anyway, it seems like there are a number of liquid makers, but I was wondering if, for this model, I can get more caps that are pre-filled. The only catch is, it needs to be American made- when it comes to consumable things, I don't trust most Chinese products as far as I can throw them, so it's imperative in this case. (I realize the electronics themselves are Chinese made, that's not an issue :) )

Alright, thanks so much and hope to get informed!


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