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The Original Copper: A Review

Hello all,

This is my first hardware review. Since there is so much debate on the topic of battery mods I thought I would add my $0.02 to the long list of debatable points. I tried to confine the review to a few main topics. Construction, Vapor, Taste/Throat Hit, Flexibility, Customer Service, and Overall. Well, I hope you all find this enlightening. Enjoy.


The original Copper is made from brass pipe fittings. What appears to be a 2" coupling with hex nut end caps. This is a device that you could hold in your hand and knock someone out with, much similar to the way you would use a roll of quarters. As a projectile, this would be lethal. Needless to say, other than a few scratches, dropping it shouldn't hurt it at all. The switch is a mechanical one, activated by pressing the mouthpiece toward the battery casing. The switch moves VERY easily. There is little effort at all needed. After just a couple hours of using it I was well adjusted to how it worked. This raises a little concern for carring it in my pocket. I can't recommend that this is the best way to tote this particular product. Because this is made from pipe fittings, there are exposed threads on the shaft. I found these uncomfortable. A little teflon tape or electrical tape fixes that issue quite quickly.

Grade: C


This thing is a vapor MACHINE!!! I was blowing plumes of vapor that were difficult to see through from the moment it touched my lips. What else can you say? It was very satisfying in that aspect.

Grade: A

Taste/Throat Hit:

Even with a 510 atomizer, I found the taste of the e-liquid came through stronger than ever. The Throat hit was usually so intense that it made me cough. I swear this thing hit like a 6' water pipe. The only downside here is that it smells strongly of the brass fittings and when I smelled the brass it mixed a bit with my taste.

Grade: B


This pertains to how well the unit can adapt to your specific needs. The Copper is made for the RN4081 and has adapters for the 501, 801, and 901.
The way I ordered mine, I got a 510 fitting with no adapter. This is a very flexible mod.

Grade: A

Customer Service:

My order was placed on Black Friday and I had it in my hands the following Wednesday. I was at first confused about the adapter for the 510. I expected that I had the adapter. So, I email Rick at his website. Within 1 hour he called me. He didn't email me back. He CALLED me. He wanted to make sure that I had exactly what I wanted and that ALL my needs were met. When I told him what I actually wanted to do, he suggested that I just try it for a bit and see how I like it. He also told me that I could return it and get the RN4081 with the 510 adapter if I wanted as well. He is willing to do whatever it takes to see that I am happy and I am very satisfied with his efforts.

Grade: A


This a very solid unit. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Rick backs his product as well as anyone could expect. It looks like a pipe fitting. It does have that brass smell to it. Overall, would I recommend this product to someone else? Yes, I would. Take the quality and combine it with the price point and i don't feel it can be beat.

Final Grade: B+

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